Stop fighting your tools, and let Animation become Acting, with TAFA!

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"Makes facial animation a breeze. Because it renders interactively on the fly there's no need to render and re-render over and over."

- Tom Roth,
Animator on Shrek, Stuart Little,
Scooby Doo
, Dinosaur and Hercules


  • Full support for LightWave®'s Endomorph embedded morph system!
  • Integrates directly with LightWave®
    through LightWave®'s built-in Morph Mixer or .MDD parser.
  • Use your animation with any 3D application that reads .MDD animation
    files, XSI®, Maya® and 3DS Max®, (with 3rd party plug-ins).
  • Intelligent Parser lets you actually set-up TAFA as you create your Morph Targets!
  • TAFA automatically splits Symmetrical Morphs into Left and Right halves for you!
  • Morph Remapper lets you use animations with Characters that have different Morph Target names!
  • Playback & Record with or without "Pre-Roll" and Punch-In/Out!
  • Work your Scene using TAFA's powerful Curve Editors, or use TAFA's ultra-powerful Exposure Sheet!
  • "Scrub" dialogue as fast as you move your mouse - hear & see each frame's sound & animation!
  • Drag-and-drop interface for lightning-fast dialogue animation!
  • Unlimited animation Tracks! With groundbreaking technology that plays hundreds as quickly as it plays a handful!
  • Cut/Copy/Paste/Slide Keyframes, all while the animation is playing!
  • Fully Customizable, Scalable interface remembers your three favorite layouts!
  • Ex/Im-port single or multiple tracks between animations!
  • Multiple levels of Un/Re-Do!


Requires Windows® 2000 or higher with OpenGL® support,
1024x768 24bit screen resolution minimum, sound card,
10MB free disk space and at least 256 MB RAM. Requires
external 3D application for creation of models in LightWave®
Object (.LWO) format and for rendering animations from
Morph Mixer or Motion Designer (.MDD) animation file
format - LightWave® 3D 7.5 or higher recommended.