Kaze, Ghost Warrior - 24 / 23min.
STATUS: Episode1 - Festivals/Distribution, Series - Development

The story of a masterless warior, seeking the men responsible for the murders of the Royal Family, the same men responsible for the death of his dearest love... the same men responsible for his own death.

A fantastic journey into a world of Honor and deception, where one's choices ultimately lead to one's own salvation... or destruction.

A series that embraces the challenging topics that need to be addressed to live in peace in our own, tummultous world.

Honor... Is... Life!

"...an incredible animation piece..." "I give this DVD our top rating a 5 out of 5." - Steven Owens, Entertainment World

"...a real piece of art in which substance and style - for once - trancend technology." - Alain Bielik, VFX World

Kaze, Ghost Warrior
[episode 1] screenings: Edinbergh 59th annual International Film Festival, Annecy International Festival of Animated Film, Anthrocon 2004/2005, EFX, LosAngeles ComicCon, SIGGRAPH, 3D Festival, A-Kon, European Association of Animated Film - CARTOON Masters, Industry Giants, Pencil Head's Dusk Till Dawn Film Festival, First Annual Los Vegas Anime Convention, Optacon, Dragonfest, Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema

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