Animating in TA Facial Animation


  • Load the Base scene we created in the previous section to give us a starting-point that has all of our set-up completed for us.

  • File | Select Audio File lets us browse to choose: Audio/WelcomeToFacialAnimation.wav.




Play Video


  • NOTE: By Selecting an audio file, TAFA automatically sets our scene's length. We can manually set the length of our scene under File | Specify Project Length.

  • NOTE: We can change our FPS (Frames-Per-Second) setting at any time during our work in the Audio Control Panel window.

  • Add a Track to our X-Sheet that will hold our Dialogue Keyframes by clicking on the New Track icon in the Morph File window.

  • Scrub through your audio track by clicking-and-dragging on the Audio Waveform Track in the X-Sheet to hear each frame's audio played as fast or slow as you move your mouse.

  • Drag-and-Drop Dialogue Icons from your Morph File's "Dialogue" Group onto your Dialogue Track to create Keyframes!
  • NOTE: TAFA fully supports Cutting/Copying and Pasting of Keyframes. Select a range of frames by dragging over unselected frames in the X-Sheet and press <ctrl- X/C/V> (respectively) or right-click on the Track for more options!

  • NOTE: Dragging a selection of frames will Slide the selection up or down on the X-Sheet!

  • NOTE: All this can be done in real-time, even while the animation is playing!


  • To adjust a Dialogue Keyframe's Strength, and how that strength is applied to the left and right halves of your model, <ctrl>click on a Dialogue Keyframe to open the Adjustment Window where you can use the T-Bar to modify your Key Strengths in real-time, even while the animation is playing!

  • Click on the New Track icon in the Facial Palette Window to add a new Track to your X-Sheet that will hold animation data for your currently chosen Facial Palette.

  • Click the Record Button on the Audio Control window, (or press the <X> key,) and TAFA gives you a three-second Pre-Roll as you move your mouse into the Capture Area of the Main Window.

  • Facial Animation Records your mouse-movements as you Puppeteer animation from your current Facial Palette onto your pre-existing animation, (playing-out the pre-existing animation at the Record Speed set in your Audio Control window)!


  • NOTE: TAFA lets you have a virtually unlimited number of Tracks, (limited only by your system's memory,) and with groundbreaking advances in animation technology, plays hundreds of Tracks as quickly as it plays a handful! So add as many Tracks as you need to make your facial animation perfect!

  • NOTE: If you need to re-record a specific area of your Puppeteered Tracks, select the desired range and activate Punch- In/Out on the Audio Control window!

You can modify a Puppeteered, Quad Key by <ctrl>clicking on the Puppeteered Keyframe. This opens an Adjustment Window in which you see a small representation of the Capture Area, complete with "cross-hairs!"

You can use this technique on empty frames within a Puppeteer Track to Keyframe Quad Keys for ultra-fast, ultra-high-precision animation!


  • NOTE: Individual Tracks can be De/Activated through their right-click menus. This is a huge help when evaluating an animation for final perfection!


  • File | Create Motion Designer File to "mix-down" your animation into an .MDD file for use in the next step: applying Facial Animation to your full character animation!