Modeling for using TA Facial Animation
Morph Mixer


Like most Slider-based, Morph animation systems, LightWave's Morph Mixer applies morphs to the entire object, all at once - it can't split a Symmetrical Morph into left and right halves like TAFA can. So...

If you plan on applying TAFA's animation to your Character using LightWave's Morph Mixer, all of your Morph Targets must be modeled separately in their own left and right versions.

Following the naming conventions just described, TAFA will still create Auto-Palettes when loading a new Object with pre-split Morphs, assigning a single Morph to a specific quadrant of its Facial Palette.




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  • NOTE: There is a relatively quick and painless way to manually split morphs in Modeler that have been created Symmetrically... click here to find out how!