The Itty-Bitty Animation Timer v3.0
©2002, Timothy Albee. All Rights Reserved.

The "Itty-Bitty" Animation Timer is a free Animation Timer and Time-Base Converter!
(Yep, that's the fully-functional application on the left!)

Click-and-hold on the Fox Icon to Time an event, or enter your own numeric info into any field (pressing <return> accepts changes). Choose a Format to see the timed information displayed in different Time-Bases! (Created in Macromedia'sFlash4.)

"Weighing in" at only 17Kb, you can have access to this handy utility wherever you go! Or, you can download it for those little "emergencies" when you find yourself "internet impaired." (10KB)


4-Point Lighting Setup (Lightwave LScript)
©2002, Timothy Albee.

This is a Lightwave Generic L-Script that instantly creates a balance of Warm and Cool Lights in a 4-Point Lighting Setup. The Camera and Lights also Parented and Targeted to separate Nulls, (Camera Dolly, Light Dolly, Camera Track, and Light Track).

This is a good little utility to use when you're testing Models, and don't want to Load Lights From Scene.

NOTES: This LScript is best run on a "clean" new Scene, (before you do or add anything else). It'll give you problems if you change the name of the Default Light or Camera. (2KB)

Within the Tall Grass available for free download as a "Wallpaper" image for Desktops up to 1024x768.