CGI Filmmaking: The Creation of Ghost Warrior,
(1-55622-227-0) Wordware Publishing

Fast becoming regarded as one of the top books on Filmmaking,
CGI or otherwise. It doesn't just talk about filmmaking, it teaches!

"...I can only say it has to be one the 'Great' books that have been writen not only on 3D ... for that matter even Animation... but on Movie Making as a whole... folks this guy is changing the history of Cinema before our eyes..." - Norv Maples, Artist/Filmmaker

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Essential Lightwave,
(1-55622-226-2) Wordware Publishing

Available from your local book-seller and online from Wordware Publishing and

Essential Lightwave is a plain English exploration of the tools you need to get started doing your best work right now! Lightwave’s interface is as packed with tools as a jet-fighter’s. Albee leads you through the thousands of controls and tools, right to where you need to be to start having your work looking Professional!

Introduction to Lightwave’s Intelligent, Conversational tone explains even the most complex concepts and tools a Lightwave Artist needs to know, in a way that makes sense! Techniques that take years for most beginners to explore are understood in an evening through a combination of In-Depth Step-by-Step Illustrations, and Hands-On Exercises, with the option to load, explore and Understand Albee’s own work on the very same Scenes!

With a CD literally packed with a hand-selected collection of the best-of-the-best Plug-ins and Programs, (the very same Tools Professionals use on a daily basis,) and links to the top Lightwave Sites on the Internet, this book is aimed at raising the “rookie” to the level of “Ace,” in a timeframe that has to be experienced to be believed!

“Knowing what I know now, this book is what I wish I would have known then.” – Timothy Albee

Lightwave 3D, Character Animation,
(ISBN1556229011) Wordware Publishing

Lightwave 3D, Character Animation takes Animation Training to the next level. The first chapters of this book show the complete crafting of the most powerful and reliable Character Setup used in The Industry today. Every choice is fully explained and where applicable, suggestions on modification of the Setup allows you to custom-tailor your own Setups to suit almost any need! The secrets of Feature-Quality Timing, Posing, Anticipation, Silhouette and Follow-Through are only a few of the Professional-Level Skills laid out before you in this book. In-depth exercises show you how to apply these concepts to master subtle acting cues that give Scenes the elusive qualities of Life, Drama, Passion and Power!

Exclusive in this book, Moving Life Drawing in 3D, is a ground-breaking technique for imbuing the "novice" with the Skills that denote Mastery more quickly than any other way possible. Developed to instruct promising young Animators in his own Animation Studios, "Plain-and-simple, this Technique gets you to levels of Quality farther and faster than anything else I've seen," says Albee. "I had to find something to bring our 'new hires' up to being able to do Feature Quality in a matter of months."

The accompanying CD also comes with high-quality models, already set-up and ready to Animate so you can start learning immediately!

Brooks Range,
(Nonfiction Short Story - Available through Amazon Kindle)

The Real-Life drama of Mushing through Alaska's Brooks Range, (just south of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge).

Mushing is not the 'everyday life' most people know. There is something that exists between a Musher and his Team that far exceeds the understanding of 'common hours.' Brooks Range is an attempt to share some of those extraordinary moments with those who may not have the ability to experience them, and in so doing, share a bit of the understanding of the bonds that persist when one's very life depends upon the Honor of Dogs.



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