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LightWave 3D is one of the most powerful and popular tools fo rcreating computer graphic imagery, animation and visual effects for film and etelvision Industry veteran Timothy Albee outlines essential techniques for those who have not yet used LightWave 3D within a studio's production environment and, through easy-to-follow, step-by-step exercises, imparts the "secrets," shortcuts, and theories used by professionals. With a acompution of in-depth instructions and nearly 700 illustrations, Essential Lightwave simplifies even the most complex concepts and teaches you the "tricks" industry professionals use to get their jobs done fast and done right!

  • Demystify the myriad controls an dtools available in LightWave's Modeler and Layout interfaces
  • Learn the secrets of lighting, layering and surfacing like a pro.
  • expand your modeling skills with exercises that walk you through the fastest ways of modeling a human head, character body, spaceship, interior set, and more.
  • Explore the particle, cloth, and fur simulations that ship free with LightWave.
  • Discover how the pros composite explosions, how to create your own realistic explosions with HyperVoxels, and how to seamlessly composite LightWave imagery into live-action backgrounds.
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