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Tutorial 1 - Text/Video

Getting Started With TAFA
This short set of Text-and-Video tutorials will take you through the basics of working with TAFA, getting you up and running with this incredibly easy-to-use, feature-quality facial animation system as quickly as possible!
Tutorial 1 Content
  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Up a New Model in TAFA
  3. Animating In TAFA
  4. Applying TAFA animation in LightWave® using .MDD (Motion Designer)
  5. Naming Morphs
  1. Modeling for using TAFA with Morph Mixer
  2. Manually Splitting Symmetrical Morphs
    (For Use With Morph Mixer)
  3. TAFA's Morph Remapper
  4. Applying TAFA animation in LightWave® using Morph Mixer
  5. Creating a new Facial Palette
Be sure to explore the complete Tutorial under: Help >  Help... >  Getting Started