Applying TAFA animation in LightWave®
Morph Mixer


  • Load: Scenes/WelcomeToFacialAnimation_MMixer.lws into LightWave.

  • Select Mr. Cool's head Object, (MrCool_Body'sHead_MMixer) and click on the Properties button to open the Object Properties window for that Object.

  • Under the Deform Tab of the Object Properties window for Mr. Cool's head, click on Add Displacement and select Morph Mixer from the list.

  • Double-Click on "Morph Mixer (61 endomorphs)" once it has been added to the Displacement List to open its Properties window.

    • If you are using LightWave 8 or higher: In the Morph Mixer window, click on "MrCool_Body'sHead_MMixer" which represents the top level of the Groups within Mr. Cool's head Object, then choose Options | Load Endomorph Mix.

    • If you are using LightWave 7.x: Click on Load at the bottom of the Morph Mixer window.




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  • NOTE: Morph Mixer in LightWave [8] applies loaded data only to the selected Group or Morph when you Load Endomorph Mix.


  • Browse to where you've saved your Morph Mixer animation data from TAFA, or select the appropriate *MMixer?.txt file from FA_Scenes/Output appropriate for your version of LightWave. (Morph Mixer file format changed between LightWave versions 7 & 8.)

  • Close the Morph Mixer and Object Properties windows, Scrub through your scene, (or build a LightWave Preview,) and you'll see that the animation we created in TAFA is perfectly applied to Mr. Cool's head as he delivers his lines!

It's as easy as that!


  • NOTE: One benefit Morph Mixer files have over .MDD files is file size. The Morph Mixer file for "Welcome To Facial Animation" is only 76KB, while the .MDD file is 636KB.